Isabela Hernandez2020/12/28
Student in NCCU Unemployed

Special qualification for work

What special qualifications, other than the requirements for the job, are companies looking for? As a foreign student in Taiwan, what should I do to have a better chance to succeed in Taiwan?

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Camila Saenz

TUTEEMI CEO and CoFounder2020/12/29

I think Taiwanese companies are expecting you to also understand their culture, understand what the company's mission and vision are, do your research before applying! You need to go out there and gain experiences like internships or part-time jobs, having only your school diploma might not be enough. Companies expect you to add value to them, not for you to be there only as a student. So, work on your soft and hard skills, show them you have confidence that what you do you do it better than anyone else! Good luck!

Helena Hong

緯創軟體,32年跨領域職涯, 面試超過2700人 資深招募主管,職涯諮詢,前Migo HR VP2020/12/29

1. No matter your future company is a foreign company or local based one, suggest that you can communicate in Chinese fluently, including speaking / reading / writing / listening.
2. You should keep good relationship with your teachers, classmates, friends while in University stage, all of them are possible to be your helper in future days.
3. Aggressive learning, good attitude, not afraid of challenge, those are the important in career development.
4. Since not sure what's your major in University, suggest that you can study more courses that are related to your future career direction. In addition to that, you can get more knowledge via internet or outside courses as well.
5. It's good that you start thinking future career path, good luck to you!

湯語涵 Ada

英文家教 教授幼兒園 國高中生 英檢 成人美語 行政 2021/2/16

As they saying, when you’re in learning,
learn more skills or types of experience that make you suitable to do any jobs in any
Make friends and teachers that can help you get more information


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