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Do you think working experience before a master's is important? If yes why?

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It isn’t so important I would say.

Two points of view to support my conclusion as here ,especially in Taiwan career market :

First of all, the entry pay has big gap, says about 20%, not even consider the accumulation influence, so study before work experience is suggested.

Secondly, if you have working experience, comparing the professional capability growth from school and field, the field is better than you take couple of years back to study in the school, unless you will transfer to different field.

So, my humble personal experience is to study all the way down unless you have restrictions.



1. Do you think working experience before a master's is important? If yes why.
2. There are two ways after student get bachelor degree, one is go for master semester, another is get into business field directly.
3. Every bachelor has different acknowledge on their business career, some are crystal clear the way to go in their route, but some still in the mystery fog knowing nothing for next step.
4. For the people know the way to go can jump into the business field learn business skill, before he become field professional he might go back to master semester in this case working experience before a master's is important. But for knowing nothing for next step student the working experience before a master's is just try and error.
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Before studying for a master's degree, you must first consider the research direction of the paper and its integration with future work, not just for academic qualifications


It really depends on what your long-term goals are. Many master's degrees will REQUIRE to have at least 2 years of work experience before applying to their program. Does your dream job require you to have a master's degree? You need to do a lot of research before taking this decision. What's the reason behind you wanting a master's degree?
I've met CEOs that are 48 years old or above and are starting their Master's degree this year! I'd advise you to research before starting a master's degree and most importantly to ask yourself what's the reason behind you wanting to have one. You can also work before and make sure that you want to learn more about the specific field you're passionate about! 


If you focus on USA or overseas master degree, absolutely yes!!! They are relatively independant and earn cost of living by themselves, including tuition. Working experience will be a plus due to culture difference. Some of Asia countries will be another story, you can get the degree without it.